Moisture Melt Lip Salve


Experience luscious, smoother lips with this emollient salve that quenches dryness with a burst hydration. This velvety formula contains superfoods Acai Berry and Papaya Enzymes to help replenish and seal in precious moisture, lifting away dry, flaky skin.

Size: 4.8g

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With Living Bio-Nutrients

  • In an independent clinical study, after 1 application:

    Delivers 8-hour hydration*

    • Locks in precious moisture to keep lips soft, smooth and healthy-looking
    • Soothes and protects chapped lips to relieve sensitive, irritated skin
    • Quenches dryness with a burst of emollient, long lasting hydration
    Closeup of Woman's Face. 24-Hour in vivo independent clinical test. Derma Consult GmbH, Bonn, Germany Light Colored Wavy Lines
Step 1: Dip a clean cotton bud or Q-tip into the lip salve pot. Step 2: Lightly sweep the product evenly over the upper and lower lips, as often as needed. Step 3: Cover eyes and allow the mask to rest on the skin for 20-30 minutes. Step 4: Rinse off mask using warm or cool water, then pat dry with a clean face towel. Step 1: Dip a clean cotton bud or Q-tip into the lip salve pot. Step 2: Lightly sweep the product evenly over the upper and lower lips, as often as needed.


Delivering Proven Results


At least 95% of the organic ingredients of our formulas come from controlled organic farming and/or wild collection, using only Non-GMO ingredients.

Bio-Ferment Actives
Bio-Ferment Actives

We tap into the power of bio-fermented, which are rich in probiotics therefore more concentrated and more readily absorbed by the body.


This product is not known to be harmful for use during pregnancy. However, please discuss with your doctor before starting any new treatment.


This product does not contain any gluten, or gluten byproducts. All products in the Rejuvenate, Brightening and Soothe Collections are Gluten free.

No Synthethic Fragrance
No Synthethic Fragrance

Only 100% natural plant and seed oils and extracts are used to scent our formulas. Organic and wildcrafted plant and seed oils are used as often as possible.


This product incorporates cruelty-free beeswax but no other animal-derived ingredients.

Key Actives

Utilizing the abundance of earth’s most powerful riches, we’ve designed a precision-based, science-backed blueprint that harnesses nature’s potency within our bottles.

Yerba Santa Pre+Probiotic Infusion

Yerba Santa Pre+Probiotic Infusion

A bio-active nutrient powerhouse that combines Yerba Santa probiotics, balancing prebiotics, and moisturizing peptides to boost hydration and visibly calm the skin.

Essential Mineral Complex

Essential Mineral Complex

A potent cocktail of vital minerals, including copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, and silicon, that works synergistically to help nourish and condition the skin.

Key Ingredients

Hand-selected for purity and efficacy, each ingredient is harvested at its peak in order to extract the most nutrient-rich matter. Blending time-honored traditions with breakthrough technologies, we unleash the power of nature in every bottle.


Nature’s Power
Unleashed in Every Bottle

Pushing the boundaries of luxury natural skincare, our formulas combine the wisdom of nature with high-level biochemistry for the ultimate in effectiveness and experience.


Each one of our formulations is comprised of ingredients that meet NATRUE® 100% natural ingredients criteria, crafted in small batches for optimal freshness and potency, and boosted with bio-actives, ensuring that every drop is pure and powerful.


We formulate our products with a custom Natural Preservation System made from three natural actives to maintain freshness and stability without the use of synthetic preservatives. By utilizing cutting-edge innovations in ingredient technology, we bring luxury to life through care and dedication to highly-crafted formulas for proven results with each use.

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