At Amala, we elevate natural skincare with cutting-edge, chemical-free formulas.
    Our vision: empowering beauty.

    Welcome to Amala, the best-kept secret of the world's top 5-star spas.

    We’re beauty industry experts with over a decade of experience serving the most exclusive luxury spas in the world. We combine this expertise with the latest natural biotechnology to elevate clean skincare.

    The remarkable benefits of our customized spa treatments inspired us to create Living Skincare for Living Skin. Our living bio-nutrients tap into the intelligence of nature and our own bodies to deliver personalized results for every individual.

    Since all Amala products are of 100% natural origin, we create the perfect environment for living nutrients to thrive and deliver their most powerful effects. Each Amala product works with the skin, not against it, to deliver proven results from the inside out.

    With Amala, your daily skincare routine becomes a transformative spa experience with effects you can see and feel. The result? Skin is dewy smooth, youthfully firm and radiantly even-toned day after day.

    Our Founder

    Amala is the culmination of Ute’s life’s work: clean, beautiful, high performance skincare with proven results.

    No one is more surprised than our founder, Ute Leube, that her love of nature blossomed into a thriving business. Ute began blending plant-based natural skincare in her native Germany in the 1970s. She quickly developed an unwavering belief in the power of plants to revitalize and renew the skin.

    Ute began a dedicated thirty-year quest for potent plant actives with measurable beauty benefits. She was and remains a pioneering thought leader in Germany’s natural skincare revolution. Ute is passionate about showing the world that clean skincare is as effective, if not more effective, than conventional products.

    When Amala was founded in 2008, truly natural skincare lacked a reputation for proven results, premium packaging, luxurious textures and modern scents. Ute dreamed of creating a line that would embody all of these characteristics while remaining true to her commitment to clean beauty.

    Amala is truly the culmination of Ute’s life’s work, marrying her hands-on skincare expertise and ongoing study of therapeutic plants. With Amala’s high performance, NATRUE®-certified products, Ute has led the evolution of authentic natural skincare from simply pure and nurturing to proven and effective. Amala’s clinical test results rival those of chemically-based formulations and this is a source of tremendous pride for Ute. Her ongoing goal for Amala is to elevate the authentic beauty and wellbeing of everyone she touches, while giving back to nature in all things.

    Beauty, according to Ute, transcends the conventional: “Beauty is life itself. It’s a smile, a plant, a kind word. Beauty is anything that touches us positively—it goes far beyond any generally accepted beauty standard.” She is an inspiration to all who meet her, and it’s not surprising so many have joined Ute on her journey to reconnect people with nature and reacquaint us with true beauty.